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17 year old Sarava Harris (AKA: "Avi") never expected to die at such a young age. He also never expected to go to Hell. Of course, he would quickly learn to never expect anything ever again. Thanks to certain population problems, as well as a few riotous damned souls, Hell has lost it's torturous glory. Now it's been demoted in it's 'unpleasant status' to about the level of a bad neighborhood. Sure, it's still not the nicest place to live, but there are much worse ways to spend the afterlife. Heaven has also gone a bit out of whack, but more in the opposite direction. Then you've got the state of reality itself... but that's far more of an issue than what can be explained in words. Currently rated PG-13 for violence, language, blood, and somewhat disturbing situations. Warning!: This comic does not contain Shonen-ai, BL, yaoi, yuri, or any of that stuff! However, it does contain a character without a gender, and the Guess Daevin's Sexuality Game, which are both quite fun.

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Ch. 1 Page 7

November 9th, 2007, 10:33 pm

The Comic is Up... With The Help of Several Technical Difficulties

Finally, I got this comic up in a state where it's actually readable. @_@ I only managed to get three pages and a random definition thing up today, but I'll have the rest of the prologue up tomorrow.

Also, sorry to that one person who had to see the horror that was the oversized definition page. XD I've been having some technical difficulties with sizes.

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